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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Must Read : The Truth Story About DAP

I found a few pages of brief analysis on list of ideological weaknesses of the DAP leadership recently. I thought I would share some of the points to the readers out there. It is an old document – written in 1995. Therefore, all of the events quoted and examples given were not up to date to the current political environment. Nevertheless, readers could appreciate the fact that history tends to repeat itself. Some with different actors with similar issues and some with same old actors but with different issues.
1. “DAP-itis”: A Form of Political Sickness within DAP Leadership
They preach democracy, human rights and freedom, greater liberalisation but within DAP its national leaders do not tolerate dissent, constructive criticisms and especially by Lim Kit Siang’s dictatorial rule as DAP Secretary General following Goh Hock Guan’s being ousted from the post. In Parliament, DAP national leaders “acted” and projected their public images as if they are loyal and principled “Malaysian leaders” who are impeccably honest, incorruptible, and a peolpe’s champion. Yet, DAP leaders suffer from “DAP-itis” during their overseas missions by bad mouthing Malaysia, conspired with left-wing union and labour organisations to disrupt congenial relationship between Malaysian government and local labour unions, threatening job positions (eg. GSP withdrawal, union strikes etc), spreading lies, rumours, and character assassinations in the name of human rights and freedom.
In 1966, former DAP secretary general C.V. Devan Nair set list if “do’s and don’t” for DAP:
a)  ”A strictly non-racial approach to all social, economic, political and cultural problems of Malaysia.”
Comment: Today, it is habitual for DAP to exploit racially sensitive issues and with forked tongues. Playing one community against the other to gain political mileage.
b) “Acceptance of the Malaysian Constitution and loyalty to constitutional methods of political action.”
Comment: Today, DAP resorts to “foreign support” to exert international pressure in blackmailing our government to conform to DAP’s demands. DAP resorts to “protest rallies”, union strikes, disloyal methods of political actions at international forums and gatherings, often used for self vested purposes such as saving their own leaders from ISA detention.
c) “Honesty and incorruptibility in private life and public activities.”
Comment: Since Lim Kit Siang’s leadership, DAP leaders have unquestionably been involved in cooperative scandals, unaccountability in collecting public funds in the name of Bukit China, education and legal aid. There is completely no accountability after the funds had been collected, how it was spent, by who, and for what purpose? Receipts were not kept and one wonders any records were made and yet the DAP has the cheek to demand BN leaders to declare their personal assets while DAP national leaders openly fail in fulfilling the responsibility of public accountability in collection of public funds and refusing to set examples. And recently DAP leaders in the Trade Union were charged for misused of funds.
d) “No cheap slogan shouting, rabble rousing or playing to the gallery.”
Comment: Not only has the DAP leaders failed to comply the abovementioned, DAP members of parliament resort to abusing Parliamentary privileges by “behaving like schoolboys” such as name calling, walking out of parliamentary sessions in protest, slandering, launching personal vendetta against BN MPs, issuing personal challenges and staging “political gimmicks” during parliamentary sessions.
In 1978, DAP was known as the “Walkout Oppositon” for its blind attitude and constant walkouts in Parliament and State Assemblies so much so that staging walkouts was their way of representing the constituents. Since Lim Kit Siang took over the reigns of DAP leadership, a ‘new chaotic” dimension was added into the Malaysian Parliament with his lackadaisical fashions. The DAP should reform itself by not using the Parliamentary privileges to launch character assassinations and malicious lies before shouting for Parliamentary reforms, and start to act responsibly in its representation to the electorate. To cover its record of treating the Parliament like a coffeeshop, DAP hypocritically called for the BN government to reform parliamentary procedures. Yet electoral history has amply proven that DAP is more interested in winning electoral seats than representing them!
For decades, Kit Siang has been arrogantly boasting that DAP leaders have sacrificed their personal lives and freedom to speak out fearlessly for Malaysian democracy, yet when they are detained under the ISA for threatening national security, the DAP  sent telegrams and letters to all over the world to denounce the Malaysian government, and like “cry babies” moaned and groaned about their predicament, seeking world sympathies and pressure to seek their releases! DAP leaders’ personal behaviours are a great contradiction to their false public images as “heroes” and voters must explode this myth which the opposition has repeatedly projected to deceive the public at large!
2. DAP preaches political ideals but applies double standards within  READ MORE....
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